David Ludwig

I developed my first roll of B&W film when I was twelve. Still remember the excitement of looking at the negatives. Later studying at Milwaukee Center for Photography, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and completed a BFA in Photography from UW-Superior in 1984.

I do not focus on a particular subject matter but rather look for situations I feel will produce an interesting print. Often the juxtaposition of textures and/or tones I see becomes an integral part of the print.

I use Black and White film as it confines me to produce a negative within set parameters. There are variables I can employ but the skeleton of the image cannot change. Film formats used are 6x7, 4x5, 8x10 and all negatives and prints are processed in the darkroom.

Darkroom printing is where discovery occurs allowing me to translate the negative to the print. It is not uncommon for printing sessions to last 24 hours.

Color work is digital and I enjoy the tools and advantages offered through the computer.

If I were to boil it down to an artist statement(s) it would be one of the following:

“I see things”  Or "I make things the way I want to see"


Rose Hotel






Nursing Home


The Porch

July 4

Water Lily


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